Security and Surveillance system

Beginner Drone Flying

May 11


Intermediate Drone Data Processing

and Interpretation Drone Flying

May 18

 ​Advanced Drone Data Processing and Application

May 19

Geoprecision tech - DRONE is under the main company Geoprecision Tech Sdn Bhd

geospatial drone training


"With Precision We Provide Solution"


We're a highly-qualified, professional training in geospatial data capturing, both theory  and prectical.. Experienced in various types of drone data capturing as follows:. 


  • Oil palm plantation management
  • Soil erosion monitoring
  • Crop disease monitoring and identication
  • Detail rubber plantation data colection
  • Soil erosion monitoring and mapping
  • Monitoring Illigal logging 
  • Commercial 3D vedio
  • security and surveillance
  • multirotor
  • uav